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We have a wide range of services catering for clients in a wide range of industries. From managing your complete Health and Safety requirements customised to your needs to investigations and audits or simply helping assess your level of compliance applicable to your industry, we can guide you through the process.

Taking the first step is the hardest thing to do, but it will protect you, your staff and your business. If this is your biggest concern, talking to us can to simplify the process. We can guide you, and inform staff of where the staff fit into the process. Some people will tell you it is complicated, but the reality is that there is nothing complicated about keeping safe while at work.



Residential Property Management Service

We have a comprehensive, cost-effective Health and Safety service that includes a review of your existing processes with access to our online documentation portal to replace or supplement your current system.

The system also includes for your landlords:

  • Appropriate documentation in the form of an E-manual.  Value $300
  • An internal assessment of landlord dwellings that meets the 1 July 2020 deadline for compliance under the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act 2017.  Value $320
  • An annual external inspection of your tenancies for risk for compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.  Value $250
  • An asbestos plan and register report in line with requirements of the asbestos code of practise guidelines.  Value $80
  • Plus we will provide assistance to pre-qualify your contractors to ensure you and your landlords are as risk-averse as reasonably practicable.  Value - thousands in risk aversion


The insignificant cost for this service will surprise you

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Business Health and Safety Service

Our point of difference is we call on our client on a regular basis and are specialists in providing information and guidance to enterprises on the Health and Safety at Work act 2015.

We have a large existing client base that has access to our comprehensive document platform.  We complete an assessment of existing processes and compile a plan of action for implementation. As part of our service, we regularly call on clients to help them follow the plan to achieve a high level of understanding and compliance according to the risk of the business or industry. Helping clients with their Health and Safety priorities is tantamount to them gaining a good understanding of what should be done and when. Easy monthly payments according to the size of the business make this extremely affordable.

Construction Industry Health and Safety Service

As this industry is recognised as high risk we maintain a high level of contact with clients to help them identify, assess and control their risk.

From training to documentation, our online portfolio is geared to provide the necessary tools to help in this regard. Coupled with our processes of audit and assessment we can provide a simple sign-in process to identify who is on-site when they arrived and left with alerts should they fail to sign out. We also have an effective contractor management process to ensure all parties are achieving the appropriate level of compliance.



Audit Service

Part of the guidelines for Health and Safety compliance requires a review of systems and practises from time to time. Often there is a lingering doubt in business owners minds that they may not be fulfilling their obligations under the act. Our audit process is extremely robust and helps identify shortcomings that may have developed over a period of time.

Investigation Service

It is inevitable that sooner or later something may go wrong in your business that will require an investigation as to what has happened.

We are skilled in this area and can provide a full investigation of the incident with a compassionate approach to victims and a supportive role to management to help them through the process.



Contractor Pre-qualification Service

There is an increasing trend for large organisations to pre-qualify their contractors prior to them being engaged, or retrospectively to confirm a reasonable level of compliance.

We are able to assist both parties to complete this task with a cost-effective, simple process that ensures everyone understands what is required and the appropriate level of commitment to get there.

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