NZ Health and Safety

NZ Health and Safety

Procasa are specialists in providing information and guidance to small to medium enterprises on the Health and Safety at Work act 2015.

We work with you to unravel your Health and Safety requirements to enable a practical, common-sense and adaptable approach  to implementing strategies and create a partnership between you, your staff, and ourselves.

We also provide an electronic platform for clients to access and compile their own documentation from our database and provide assistance for what is required, applicable and “reasonably practicable” for the level of risk posed to your business. Every workplace has hazards. It’s knowing how to assess the risk that is the key to making health & safety “business as usual”.

Taking the first step is the hardest thing to do but it will protect you, your staff and your business. If this is your biggest concern, talking to us can to simplify the process. We can guide you, and inform staff of where they fit into the process. Some people will tell you it is complicated but the reality is that there is nothing complicated about keeping safe while at work. It is way easier than most people think.

What we do
NZ Health and Safety

NZ Health and Safety

We provide business owners with the tools they need to manage their Health and Safety program. We coach and support management plus develop a relationship with all members of the team. Calling on our clients regularly and helping them step by step to get systems and processes in place develops a culture change within the business and achieves compliance at all levels.

Procasa are a team of passionate experienced people that care about what is happening in the workplace. We have an ethos of helping people understand where they fit in to the big picture of health and safety and take away their fears of what may happen.

All of our team are experienced professionals. We know that signing a piece of paper , ticking an app or putting up a sign only goes so far to keeping people safe and it is what they have been trained to do that matters.

Why choose us
NZ Health and Safety

NZ Health and Safety

You have access to a team of Health & Safety experts.

We are available 24/7 for assistance should you need it.

You have an electronic platform for your documentation.

With our guidance, you are able to set up additional documentation relative to your industry.

We take you step by step through your health and safety programme by visiting you on a regular basis.

We focus on you, your business and your staff with tailor made processes.

We offer a cost effective system tailored to your needs.

We offer a no obligation discussion to review what you have in place and an assessment as to its level of compliance and implementation into your business.

Health & Safety

Procasa can help you manage your risks. 

The Health & Safety at Work Act lays out the duty of care expected for landlords, property managers and contractors working on residential property.

Landords benefit from:

  • A Health and Safety E-manual covering all requirements for them to meet the intent of the Act
  • An annual property inspection, with a multi-page report identifying risks or hazards, and recommendations on these (along with photographs)
  • All contractors that go onto a property will be pre-qualified and audited to ensure they are compliant with the Act
  • Ongoing health and safety inspection and compliance documentation for the property management company
  • A Robust system that includes documentation, Inspections and reviews of Health and Safety performance for all parties
  • All ‘links in the chain’ covered

With such demonstrable compliance, investors, property managers, landlords and contractors can ensure that their overlapping duties are more than covered, and that moral and legal obligations are covered by all parties.

Procasas'peace of mind process is easily the best and most cost effective approach for investors, property owners and managers. We ensure superior residential property health and safety benefits for everyone involved:

Property managers, landlords and investors

  • All requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 are covered
  • Hugely reduced exposure under the Health and Safety at Work Act, because risks have been highlighted and addressed where appropriate. (The only exposure is if no action is carried out on identified risks)
  • Cost effective annual subscription proving compliance
  • Inspection reports point out the immediate risks, recommendations and actions required
  • The inspection report is produced for distribution to landlord as deemed appropriate???
  • An increased level of compliance is consequently achieved
  • Reduction of risk to the PCBU, officers and workers
  • Reduction of risk against fines and prosecution in the event of a serious accident at a property
  • Peace of mind knowing obligations have been fulfilled under the Health and Safety at Work Act


  • Clarity around potential hazards at properties
  • An independent assessment of health and safety practices for contractors, their employees and sub-contractors 
  • Acknowledgement and understanding of their role in the overlapping duties

The Act seeks to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved with or affected by work on or at the property.

When more than one business in involved (which is often the case in property maintenance and upkeep) there are overlapping duties. All parties must work together, as far as “reasonably practicable”, and consult, cooperate and coordinate their activities.

All these parties are considered PCBU’s, and collaboration is required to ensure any property work is undertaken in a safe and healthy manner.

These overlapping responsibilities and duty of care can be a confusing for the unwary, uninitiated and unprepared. 



With Procasas' personalised approach we make an external assessment of each property and produce an inspection report.

This holistic procedure meets and exceeds the health and safety levels of compliance under the Act.


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